Aklimatising: Our Story So Far
How did we get here and where are we going?

aklimate was started with a simple goal, to help businesses of all sizes join the net zero revolution. While it is a real cause for optimism that 65% of the world economy is now under a net zero pledge of some kind, much of the action has been confined thus far to governments and huge global corporates, even though half of business and industry emissions come from small and medium sized businesses. It is crucial for the 6M UK SMEs to have a clear path to net zero carbon if we are going to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

And not only is this a critical problem for the planet, it's also on the mind of business owners. Some of the questions they might ask:

  1. How can I use my business to fight climate change?
  2. How do I attract increasingly climate-conscious customers?
  3. How can I win supplier contracts with larger, net zero pledged companies?
  4. How do I find the time, money and capabilities to do my part?

One of our co-founders, Harry, is himself the son of two small business owners, both of whom have expressed their desire to do more to help the planet, but that they lack a clear idea of where to start. Indeed, a recent survey by Small Business Britain of >250 SMEs found that while 99% recognise the importance of sustainability, three quarters of them (77%) don’t know how to measure their carbon emissions and need support. 4 in 10 of them are facing real or perceived financial challenges in relation to the net zero transition.

aklimate is here to accelerate the net zero revolution for the benefit of both SMEs and society at large

Introduction to us

The two of us met studying a climate change course at Imperial College and since then have been best friends with a shared passion for the environment and a strong desire to play our part in the climate crisis. So after cutting our teeth for a couple of years - Harry in the Energy and Government practices at Bain & Company, and Mark in predictive modelling and analytics at Mastercard - it was a straightforward decision for us to leave our corporate careers to follow our climate dreams. By way of introduction, we have written some brief bios on each other below:

Mark (as written by Harry)

A classically trained green fintech guru, Mark is just as happy crafting rhetorical devices as discussing the progress of UK rewilding and biodiversity. As a non-flying vegan, Mark has an unwavering sense of True North; he is committed to doing the right thing, both for people and for the planet.

Harry (as written by Mark)

One of the smartest people you could ever have the pleasure to meet, Harry is an expert in just about any field of renewable energy. He has an extraordinary eye for detail and is the driving technical force behind aklimate, committed to building a platform that can help thousands of SMEs.

So what do we actually do?

We help our customers to do the following:

  1. Measure emissions: The first step on any net zero journey is understanding the starting point or "baseline" emissions. We assess the full value-chain emissions of business as defined by Greenhouse Gas Protocol in an affordable and accurate manner
  2. Set a climate pledge: Once they have measured their starting point, businesses need to set out a target. Commitments range from reducing emissions in line with 1.5°C warming, to carbon neutrality, to net zero. We reject all forms of greenwashing, and for that reason each pledge prioritises emission reductions and is based on the best available industry standards (SBTI for reduction targets and net zero and PAS 2060 for carbon neutrality). Once committed, businesses will receive a bespoke pathway to help them reach their goal.
  3. Reduce & remove carbon: We provide actionable steps and impactful initiatives, such as partnerships with low carbon suppliers, to help businesses reduce internal emissions. For what cannot be reduced, we help businesses to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere.

For all of our climate pathways, we provide businesses with the tools to measure, reduce and remove their emissions to reach their target

What can you do?

We're at the start of our journey. Our trailblazing early adopters have pledged, reduced, and shared, and helped us build our platform. Get in touch with us now and forever be known as one of the aklimate100: the very first 100 aklimate customers, leading the net zero revolution.


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