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Measure your carbon emissions and report them publicly. Without the hassle.


Carbon management. 10x easier.


Calculate footprint


Calculate footprint


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Assess emissions across Scopes 1 - 3 with expert support. Best-in-class methodology, minus the jargon and complexity


Compliant reporting

Gain robust climate credentials

Say goodbye to greenwashing. We follow the GHG protocol across Scopes 1, 2 & 3 in measuring emissions, and all reduction pathways are actionable and science-based.

Use Aklimate to report to third-parties like CDP and SBTI as public proof of your commitment.

Gain robust climate credentials
Save time and money

Efficient solution

Save time and money

Don't waste resources on expensive consultants, or training a huge sustainability team on esoteric accounting frameworks.

Aklimate's platform and expert team makes carbon management accessible to all.

Optimise ESG performance

Drive stakeholder engagement

As a supplier, fulfil environmental obligations to your customers - ESG performance now accounts for up to 20% of corporate procurement decisions

As an employer, boost employee engagement. As a business, derisk and increase your access to long term capital. As a global citizen, make an outsized contribution to the climate fight.

Drive stakeholder engagement

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